Hongjin Printing received “National High-tech Enterprise” certificate
Dated: 2016 - 12 - 14
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 “National High-tech Enterprise” is a honorary title audited and identified by Ministry of Science and Technology, which is one of the highest honors for the enterprises in the science and technology. It is an authoritative affirmation of enterprises’ capability of science and technology.

The evaluation of High-tech enterprise has a very strict procedure and a strict condition requirement, including enterprise’s revenue, the technology of the main products, high-tech products sales proportion, enterprise technology input proportion, full-time research development staff proportion, enterprise innovation system & innovation activities, enterprise quality guarantee system, products quality level, intellectual property management status, security & environmental protection, and enterprises’ honors etc. index. "Innovation" as concept, Hongjin Printing has been researching and developing the new products and technology to improve enterprise’s technics, equipment, and economic efficiency continuously, thereby, we are qualified to apply for this award. Through material collection, collation, sorting out and declaration, we successfully pass the experts’ review and publicity of Chongqing Municipal science and Technology Commission. Finally, we got the“ National High-tech Enterprise” certificate after 4 months.

Hongjin Printing received “National High-tech Enterprise” certificate

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