About The Importance of BOM Management
Dated: 2017 - 01 - 10
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Through several months’ hard work, "Information Management System" was put into use as scheduled. The new system’s use means that we are entering a more scientific "information age", which is a subversion of obsolescence management. Meanwhile, we also need to work more cautious and more stringent in our internal management. In the new system, BOM management module is the most important part of the system. Its use and management can directly affect the products’ manufacturing costs and the company's strategic policy.

Popularly speaking, BOM (Bill of materials) is like a "recipe", "table of elements" and so on. Therefore, the rational use of BOM plays a vital role in monitoring production process, tracing the material, calculating production cost, etc. which can make our work and production more systematization, standardization and generalization.

As the world economy is developing rapidly, the market competition is more and more fierce, which is also a challenge to our enterprises. Therefore, we must not only maintain the present markets, but also develop new markets. What we need to do now is working harder and more rigorous on the each step from purchasing material to delivering goods. And the application of the new system can help us to work better.

How to ensure BOM information’s accuracy, integrity, and optimization?

Division of labor and cooperation, establishing standards

 Because the new system cannot copy data from the old system, all standards are required to be set up one by one and the process parameters are also quite complex, the task we faced was very hard. But under leadership of the head of Department, by division of labor and cooperation, we finished setting up the process and evaluation of all the products. At the same time, we composed and perfected the process instruction book to guide the staff in charge of machine to do standardize production. Especially before producing new products, we need to hold the production evaluation meeting to research process, quality control, operation and material etc. problem to ensure the production smoothly.

Process optimization, choosing the best material

 There is nothing best but better. Process optimization need to be done step by step. We are constantly seeking more optimized production process at an excelise work attitude, constantly seeking to optimize production process. By the end of September, the technology department had carried out more than 60 times technology process tests, and more than 70 times the materials tests.

Improving procedures, individual responsibility

 According to company management requirements, the technology Department have done the optimization of the primary BOM management regulation. The new regulation makes a more detailed description on BOM table’ formulating, implementation, optimization and publish with the flow chart. The technology department organize other departments to carry on the work according to the index (BOM deviation within 8%) .

Checking materials daily, process inspection

 The technology department and the production department, have done the overall optimization to the daily record of raw material. New form can reflect the daily consumption of the material on each machine. The material includes ink, anodized aluminum, film, CTP plate and screen printing plate material etc, which can provide the support of raw data to BOM management. Besides, material technologist and the data administrators need to do inspection on each machine, including if material is brought back according to order, is there any material waste, whether the technologists operate the machines according to the BOM standard etc. Once problems are found, they need to feedback them to the supervisor or head of Department at the first time to do rectification and assessment to the problem.

Picking material according to the order, inventory in line

 Sometimes some operators of machines in the production process don’t pick and return the material according to the order, which result in a bad effect on the BOM analysis. Our goal is to reflect the real material consumption data on our system truly, accurately and timely, so we need to do a lot of work to guarantee it by paying more attention on it and monitoring each other. Only if we obey the BOM management procedures strictly, can our work be more effective.

Analyzing the data, feedback optimization

 Materials technologists need to analyze the material use status of the finished order every day, and report the problems to the relevant leaders, record the reasons and collect the improving suggestion. In order to enhance the accuracy, completeness and optimal of BOM information, every month the Technology Department will organize the relevant departments to hold a BOM management analysis, discussing and solving the problems of BOM management.

 W we will encounter many problems and challenges in BOM management, but I believe that we are bound to finally achieve success by our active cooperation and efforts of all departments, and create a better tomorrow.

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