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Fancy luxury gift boxes are often used when we send gifts to our family and friends. Exquisite design and high-quality printing can show our respect and sentiment to the gift-receiver. And for merchants, amazing packaging boxes can also help them to promote their products and brands better. Generally speaking, people often prefer to choose paper gift boxes as the package. Firstly, the texture of paper boxes make them look more high-end and classic, easier to express our inner deep emotion to others; secondly, the paper boxes are more green and environment-friendly; furthermore, the production process of paper packaging is simpler and the recovery rate is higher; thus, paper packaging boxes are very popular among the majority of manufacturers and consumers.

Chongqing's Hongjin Printing Co,. Ltd., mainly focus on the production of a variety of gift boxes, printing and packaging. We can provide design, printing, production, packaging, door-to-door service,etc. Welcome your inquiry, the business hotline: 008618716245708.

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